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The DIPLOMA AND ADVANCED DIPLOMA HAIRDRESSING syllabus adheres to HABIA (Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Authority -UK) guidelines. Our Foundation Hair Cutting Science follow Vidal Sassoon cutting principles. Our Student Study material is available in both English and Hindi.

The PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP CURRICULUM draws its strength from the Christian Chaveau School of Makeup, Paris and the ITEC guidelines for the makeup syllabus.

Our SALON MANAGEMENT CURRICULUM is drawn from the experience of being many years in the Salon Industry and enriched by the experience of its trainers, who are qualified and certified management coaches.

Learning Methodology

Training at AHA is skill focused! Our education methodology has 4 important components to imbibe learning objectives and SKILL MASTERY..

  1. LEARN – explains the what , where , why and how of each service through theory sessions 
  2. DEMONSTRATE – the faculty explains in detail, on a live model, the manner in which a skill is to be performed while focusing on developing correct habits from the first day
  3. PRACTICE – The demonstrated service is them practiced on a dummy to set hands and muscles in motion
  4. PERFORM - Practiced and rehearsed movements of the service is then performed on live models to finally translate knowledge acquired during the theory, demonstration and practice modules

Being a vocational course, 70% emphasis is on Practical and 30% on Theory

Student Practice

Every student is given model targets for skills that are learnt and to be performed. These targets are monitored and their completion is important for certification. AHA Academy methodology focuses on the technique and eventual performance of each skill, performed at commercial speed.


Our instructors are not just qualified professionals but people with experience in the REAL WORLD. They form a team of dedicated professionals constantly researching, re- inventing and innovating services & education systems. Our instructors while being mentors & guides also ensure conclusive understanding of your syllabus, at both the practical & theory level.


Our counselors guide AHA students into making correct job decisions, Students can rely on us at every stage in their careers. AHA assists each career student with job placement & upgrading through exposure to all related opportunities in the industry.